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Services I can offer:

Piano Keyboard


If you have some musical ideas you want to record, some pre-existing music you want professionally mixed or mastered, I can help you! Working with the professional grade studio at Resonate Music, I will be able to take what you bring to me, and make it what you hear in your head. This is a service offered in conjunction with Resonate Music School and Studio, therefore all scheduling and billing occurs through them. Check out the link below to discover Resonate Music Studio!

Image by Caught In Joy


Want to learn a new instrument? Or maybe you listen to music a lot, but want to understand exactly what is happening in the music. I can help you grow your love for music in a new and refreshing way! With Resonate Music School and Studio, I offer lessons in Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar and Music Theory. I can teach any of these topics from a beginner to advanced level, while also preaching the necessity of developing an understanding of music across genres and styles, beyond just the instrument we are exploring together! Are you interested in lessons? Click below to explore Resonate Music School and Studio and book a lesson with me!

Image by Sašo Tušar


I have been a performer for as long as I can remember, so if you have a song you need an instrument on, I can help you! I can provide recorded piano, guitar, bass guitar, auxiliary percussion, mallet percussion, and harmonica! Think you have a project and need one of these instruments performed? Shoot me an email below and I will be happy to provide rates and help you out!

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